List of Open Source Google App Engine Hosted Projects

EMAIL ME if you want to add to this list : versesane => google’s mail site .com

fobliki : Forum, Blog, Wiki for AppEngine (HomePageSourceCode)

JieBlog : A Blog Hosting Solution. (HomePageSourceCode)

CompareContests : A simple AppEngine application for comparing contests on various design contest sites (HomePageSourceCode)

GAE-FLEXPROXY : A proxy for Flex HTTP requests which runs on Google App Engine. Provides a crossdomain.xml file and filters by hostname or URL pattern.  (HomePageSourceCode)

GAE-BUNDLE : Google App Engine Python bundle for Textmate  (HomePageSourceCode)

GAE-WEDDING : A Google App Engine Hosted mini website to publish our things about our wedding. (HomePageSourceCode)

FollowTwits : GAE app to follow all your Twitter followers. (HomePageSourceCode)

ITube : This is just a quick draft and proof-of-concept that appengine can be used to bypass internet censorship. (HomePageSourceCode)

GAEDT : Google App Engine Development Environment. (HomePageSourceCode)

pybin : A pastebin written for Google App Engine in python. A pastebin is a way to share code with others. (HomePageSourceCode)

smalog : Smalog is a blog system for Google App Egine. (HomePageSourceCode) : is an extension module for the WSGI-compatible web application framework provided by Google App Engine. (HomePage,SourceCode)

rebioma : Issue Tracker and source code control.  (HomePageSourceCode)

web-bloks : Collection of utilities (HomePageSourceCode)

UPRGAE-CONSOLE : Wrapper around python client gdata api to ease management of GAE domains from command line. (HomePageSourceCode)

SOLar plexus : module of this project. (HomePageSourceCode)


sip-gae : A photoblog integrating Flickr hosting and Google apps hosting. (HomePageSourceCode)

niubi : This is a multiple usage web application writing with python and django, running on google appengine, the project is going to have plugable modules including blog, forum, shop, crm. (HomePage,SourceCode)

rietveld : Code review for subversion (HomePageSourceCode)

gepy : ARC Shapefiles (widely used for all kinds of geo data, including US Census TIGER tm files) are reasonably easy to manipulate, and this projects means to collect and develop Python modules to read, modify and create ARC Shapefiles. (HomePageSourceCode)

enterprisesocialgraph : A simple, open source GAE project to allow enterprise users to maintain one single social graph. The goal is to explore and learn how Google App Engine can enable enterprise cloud computing. All work will belong to the community that contributes to this project. (HomePageSourceCode)

GAE application. We have drivers and passengers. Passengers can leave an order to drive somewhere. And drivers can choose from passengers orders and accept ones. (HomePageSourceCode)

QuizLink: Allows users to create, take, and share quizzes.  (HomePageSourceCode)

Yet another Python Framework! : (HomePageSourceCode)  mysec: Set of applications (windows client, web) to measure/analyze time spent in a day. Currently only Windows Client is ready. (HomePageSourceCode)

cursorlog : Cursor logger and recoder as it moves across a webpage. (HomePageSourceCode)

myip :  What’s the IP Address. (HomePageSourceCode)

ytblog : A Weblog hosting solution. (HomePageSourceCode)

Decide For Me was inspired by a common lunch scenario — a bunch of software developers decide to go out for lunch, we all pile into the car, and then as we’re driving out of the parking lot, someone says, ‘where are we going?”. (HomePageSourceCode)

gae-sqlite – This is a module that will allow you to run Google’s App Engine development server with an SQLite backend.  (HomePageSourceCode)

MobWrite – converts forms and web applications into collaborative environments. Create a simple single-user system, add one line of JavaScript, and instantly get a collaborative system. (HomePageSourceCode)

OpenBotLits : Botlist contains an open source suite of software applications for social bookmarking and collecting online news content for use on the web. (HomePageSourceCode)

Gpowered : (HomePageSourceCode)

hello-youtube : This codelab will take you through the basics of using the Google Data Python Client Library with App Engine. It will go from fetching feeds, to authentication, to uploading a video to YouTube. (HomePageSourceCode)

Gaeutilities : gaeutilities is a collection of utility classes that work in conjunction with Google App Engine. ( HomePage ,  Source Code )

Bloog : Weblog Hosting Software ( HomePage , Sourcecode )

HTTPMR : Implementation of Google’s famous Map/Reduce. ( HomePage , SourceCode )

Taggable-mixin : taggable-mixin is a utility class that can be added to a db.Model class to add the ability to associate tags with objects of the class. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

The GAE SWF Project :  Proof of concept ActionScript 3 and Python app framework to get Flash and Flex developers up and running quickly with Google App Engine. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

JIQL : jdbc client for accessing Data stored in GAE Datastore. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

GAE-REST : GAE-REST – Atom REST API for Google App Engine. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

PyIB : Imageboard open to everyone, featuring the option of anonymous posting and demonstration of Google’s datastore abilities when working with images. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

MoNKey : Lets players set up game rules for most x-in-a-row-style games such as Connect6, Gomoku and Tic-Tac-Toe.  ( HomePage, SourceCode )

LAX (Logilab App Engine eXtension) : LAX is a port of the web framework Logilab has been developping since 2001 ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Next Word : An app for word linking ( HomePage, SourceCode )

smtp2web : smtp2web consists of an admin interface, written for App Engine, and an SMTP server daemon, which together accept email for configured addresses and send the emails via HTTP POST to user-selected URLs. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

blok : Collaborative editing of user interface prototypes using simple rectangles to represent parts of the ui. blok makes heavy use of the JavaScript meta model Joose ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Google App Engine Oil :  This project (GAEO) is a MVC web framework on App Engine. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Django AE Utils : Django technically runs on Google App Engine but there are significant parts which do not work too well. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

appengine-monkey : Runtime patches to the appengine environment to make it work with already-developed libraries, particularly Setuptools, Pylons, and libraries using httplib. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

app-engine-patch : This project consists of two packages which make it easier to develop Django projects for Google App Engine. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

NoseGAE : A plugin for the nose test runner that adds options to easily set up your GAE dev appserver environment for local testing. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

GAE-Django DB Templates : The Google App Engine does not let users change/add/delete files so there is a need to have the Django templates stored in the Google DB. The project is very humble and uses GAE ,Django, GAE Helper for Django. ( HomePage, SourceCode )

web2py : Free and open source full-stack enterprise framework for agile development of secure database-driven web-based applications, written and programmable in Python ( HomePage, SourceCode )

KGPL : The program is running at this url: . KGPL is internet radio software that runs on .m3u playlists. Anyone can submit songs by pasting the link to the .mp3 or .ogg file.  ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Python-REST : RESTful Web Service Library for Google Appengine ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Scrabble Tools : A tool that lets you build words out of your scrabble letters, or other criteria ( HomePage, SourceCode )

PolyModel : You make a class that inherits from PolyModel (“class MyModel(PolyModel):”.) Then you make another class that inherits from that model (“class MySubModel(MyModel):”.) ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Gawsh-BulkLoader : Here’s a Bulk Download tool to complement the Bulk Uploader provided by Google, see description here ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Nuages : Nuages is a simple and easy to use CMS for photographers. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

Is a human : User logs in with OpenID and solves a reCAPTCHA. The site stores the sha1 of his/her URL. Other sites can check if an OpenID belongs to a human through the API.  ( HomePage, SourceCode )

Route Altitude Profile Using NASA SRTM Data : Receives a route as an input (OpenLS XML, protocol buffers or HTTP/GET) and then returns the altitude profile corresponding to that route (XML, protocol buffers, Google Chart image) ( HomePage, SourceCode)

cpedialog : Blog implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine. Features: using yui grid, so it’s very easy to change or extend the page layout ( HomePage, SourceCode)

App3 REST library : App3 is a flexible REST interface to the AppEngine Datastore that allows you to easily query models as REST resources. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

openmicroblog : Various implementations of microblogging server and client software following internet standards and conventions. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

siblinker : siblinker aims to find related links by analyzing data from ( HomePage, SourceCode)

Pyxer : Yet another framework with a new very simple programming concept. Offers also an own templating language mostly compatible to Genshi. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

Trackulator : Trackulator is an APRS web service. APRS, the Automatic Position Report System, is a distributed ham radio mesh network for aggrigation and dissemination of real time GIS data. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

attachment fu app engine : A Ruby on Rails extension for AttachmentFu () which uses the Google App Engine as a backend for storage and image resizing. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

GAEUnit : GAEUnit is a unit test framework that helps to automate testing of your Google App Engine application. With a single configuration change (it can be completed within 30 seconds), you can run your unit tests in the GAE app server environment, and see the results in the browser. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

Daily Search Results : A web app to convert Google search results to RSS. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

App Engine Console : App Engine Console is a traditional interactive Python session running in the server, which you use from a web browser. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

Tall Street : A social search engine where users make investments in their favourite websites and determine the search results rankings. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

gae-jsonrpc-example is a simple application that I wrote after reading It’s really small and is meant to be a start point to develop json-rpc applications with google app engine. ( HomePage, SourceCode)

UniqueModel : Extension of db.Model that allows for SQL-like unique(property_one,property_two) constraints.  See examples for usage.  (HomePage, SourceCode)

GAEHemdall : GAEHeimdall, like it’s sister project GHeimdall, aims to provide an identity provider instance on Google App Engine for use in Single Sign On solutions, especially Google Apps. (HomePage, SourceCode)

Last Tweets :  An app for finding out when was the last time you tweeted to friends. (HomePage, SourceCode)

Django OpenId : Allows users to log into your Google App Engine Django site using OpenID (HomePage, SourceCode)

Paste-It: Paste-It is an open-source python pastebin. (HomePage, SourceCode)

Naive Queue : A App Engine based Queue. (HomePage, SourceCode)

App Drop: Host your Google AppEngine apps on your own server. (HomePage, SourceCode)

AppEngine Starter : A starter application template for the Google App Engine platform based on Django (HomePage, SourceCode)

Cite-Web : Viewer for Wen of Science citations using Google AppEngine. (HomePage, SourceCode)

sabandija  web front-end for sabandija the java search engine made using Google AppEngine (HomePage, SourceCode)

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