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November 26, 2012

Startup Incubators are the new ecommerce … aka … new gold rush avenue for HNI. Said someone on twitter. Couldn’t agree more.

It’s good for those bootstrapping their businesses, and overall for Indian startup ecosystem. The one’s who deserve a place in hell are startup advisory firms dressed up as incubators. Most of these guys ( not all ) are leeches looking to milk 3-5 % equity off first time naive entrepreneurs.

(Con)gress … Vote … 2014 … Elections

October 12, 2012

Congress is India’s Current Ruling Political Party. As in they are the government.

During their tenure they have been numerous corruption scandals. Nothing new every government has it’s share.

A look at List of scandals in India gives one a good idea of how this government has outperformed it’s predecessor when it comes to size of the scandals. Below are their two crowned jewels.

2012 Indian coal mining controversy 2012 INR185,591.34 crore (US$35.08 billion) Nationwide Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the coal ministry, many electricity boards and private companies coal blocks allotted, not auctioned, leading to estimated losses as per the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
2G spectrum scam 2010 INR176,000 crore (US$33.26 billion) Nationwide Nira Radia, A. Raja, M. K. Kanimozhi, many telecommunications companies communication bandwidth auctioned for lower than market value

Today the government achieved something unique.

Congress Minister in the government Salman Khurshid‘s  wife runs a Non profit organization which gets grants from government. Their NGO is accused of  duping govt by Rs 71.5 lakh using forged signatures. The money was meant for distributing tricycles and hearing aids to the disabled.

Keep in mind

a) The NGO is run by his wife and not him,

b) Comptroller and Auditor General of India on one of it’s reports a year back asked the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment not to give money to this NGO to help as the distribution of goods was not traceable. Yet they were given grants again.

c) This was meant for Disabled people in rural areas,

d) Please note the net worth of our Minister

e) He is the Law Minister of our India, LAW.

I have never cast a vote in my life. This coming election I will. So should you.


January 5, 2012

I thinks that non journalist bloggers who cover Indian startup space are immature and have no clue what they are saying … well most of them … You can find them talking shit most of the time with no idea about the financial details or complete product offerings of the companies. Most of them survive thanks to google ads payout and taking news syndication feeds. The tone and choice of words reflects in their lack of education (not formal) needed to cover business news. Their articles and it’s content clearly reflects the amount of study that has gone behind it.

Google update your search ranking and bump off these phonies.

Do I look as if I care – Part II

October 5, 2011

Would like to explain in more detail my outburst in previous post

Once in a while I get emails from folks abroad seeking co-founders.

As to why I get such emails

a) Socially active on Linkedin Groups, TiE – Mumbai, Quora etc

b) Registered on Programming Specific Boards that list Computer programmer with skills e.g. Djangogigs etc

c) Active blogger for 5+ years now,

d) Have recommended employees to few startups.

It now become a pattern where in people

a) Want a web application developed that 99% of the time is not from the same domain as the one they have experience with,

b) Are not willing to invest a penny and expect you to work for free as co-founder for equity,

c) No willingness to sign a contract and want things to rest on mere verbal promise.

I would talk to most out of respect for the number of years they have been working, places they have worked etc. I respond over email, talk over phone and nothing went anywhere. Now I politely say no, and guess what only a few pursue things further and nudge you to help them out with technical advice etc. I like those guys.

Those who are not consumed by passion are the ones not willing to invest a penny and sign a contract. Another benchmark to gauge seriousness is when they propose the idea in the first introduction mail. Ask them tons of questions and raise doubts over the idea and why it wouldn’t work. Trust me many don’t even respond back to defend their ideas. Had passion be all consuming for them they would revert back. This observation is something I stumbled on as I  think back on my interactions.

Meanwhile I have left HP and Bangalore. I miss Bangalore climate, Whitefield area where I stayed. Peaceful and calm away from the urban madness. Back in Mumbai, hate the commute, love the comfort of home. Personally I am working very hard to ensure this is my final job. I am just very disappointed with myself over the fact that I have no yet mustered up the courage to take the plunge and start a product based startup. I do count freelancing as entrepreneurship but not something I want to do. I have dabbled with it before and early few lakhs. But I don’t see it any different that a day job. To me a Pure Product Based Startup is the final frontier.

Do I look as if I care ?

October 3, 2011

No Sir I am not in awe that you passed out of Ivy league. So if you think I would want to work on you web app idea for free I suggest you find someone naive. In-fact you don’t have to, find a mirror. Do you know how much of hard work goes inside making software. How would you ?. You passed out with flying colors and landed up at an IT MNC where in resources aka manpower aka employees are abundant and it’s the team that delivers. You were interested in doing things of strategic importance that would catapult the organization to a higher growth path.  You get my point right. You worked there for two-three years and landed straight at Harvard. Yes, it’s an awesome achievement and I acknowledge. I wouldn’t be able to achieve it, and have no motivation to be an MBA, hell I am not even an Engineer. Point is I don’t respect where you are from so the Harvard leverage wouldn’t work. Best luck next cold call.

Impact / Measurement

June 3, 2011

How do you measure what impact your work has ?

Every work exist in a given domain/market. for e.g. A web browser for the visually impaired, work is web browser coding and market is the sum total of all visually impaired people. The creator of the software can measure the impact of this work as == to the subset of the sum total of users.

Vegayan: 2 Customer ( Idea and Vodafone) … I don’t know how much of traffic view and central view code remains unaltered

TRI: CiMPLE used by approx 2000+ users. From what I hear now CiMPLE will not be used any more by TRI and will be replaced by scratch (MIT’s VPL)

HP: Have no numbers on users using the end product so no clue. If you talk about the software than it was good fun. But I don’t know if people are using it.

If I take the above outlook into account then my 4.5 years of work experience is a sham. Personally I want to work on something that people use. Probably maintaining a software that people use is far better than developing one that no one is using. For at the end you aren’t contributing anything to the world at large.

CTC should stand for Contribution to Community … Community being the domain / market one operates in.

Bhari chot

April 15, 2011

When I first heard that word I was like … What ? … To me it signifies a dumb ass mistake where one is left perplexed for minutes and ends up getting exactly opposite of what he was expecting for no fault of his …

Enough of melodrama

So I ordered a book from flipkart … It was suppose to be a manga … Turned out it was not  … I browse flipkart by manga author names. Turned out the illustrator had merely drawn the cover of the book … The book is a short story collection of top notch literature from japan.

Now that’s bhari chot for you … 600 bucks down the drain … Damm you flipkart don’t list illustrator of a cover as the author …

Leader Kaun ?

January 19, 2011

Caution: I am frustrated.

Back in 11th – 12th we had this definition in Business Studies on the chapter of leadership.

“A Leader is a leader if his followers intrinsically respect/admire him”

Being a leader is not about talking. Some people think that if they talk motivational bullshit at regular intervals they can justify their existence as leader and get things done. Remember back in school/college we would have these teachers who would give gyan. While they did one would think, When will he stop ?, When will I be free ?, Kab khatham hoga ?.

My last boss Gagan @ TRI  never pretended to know programming and would tell you that upfront.  He would state his objectives and would ask you for timelines, negotiate on timelines and set date for deliverables. One can lead a team of people in a given field despite not knowing a thing. A leader owns the teams and should set his vision of where he wants things to be.

Secondly a leader cannot be a hypocrite. “Have you ever seen me do that ?” they say.  I see you do that umpteen no of times and so do others. Thus your followers don’t take you seriously. There is no one else to blame but the leader. Parents for example are leaders in their own right for his children. However if a parent tell his child every now and then Who is Big ? Who has lived for so many years ? We have seen the world ? Don’t do that God is watching you ? It’s matter of time the child is going to call in the bluff and stop caring.

A leader is not a commodity, followers are. Leaders are humans and are bound to make mistakes. Every leader has his/her own style. Autocratic, bureaucratic, situational. That style has to be consistent aka there has to be a method to the madness.

At the end it all comes down to

“A Leader is a leader if his followers intrinsically respect/admire him”

I am pissed off. :( … let me not rob myself of sleep. Going to wake up in the morning will make a huge to do list and strike each &^$*#()@* down by day end.

I think zen is in not getting pissed off or bothered but in being in a state where you are at peace. I can do that. I will try tomorrow.

Why one needs to test ?

November 7, 2010

Personally I am a big fan of functional testing using beta customers. Was watching the old robocop movie on TV today. Was fun.

How Big Companies Work ?

November 2, 2010

” There’s an old joke, so old that I don’t even know for certain where it originated, that’s often used to explain why big corporations do things the way they do. It involves some monkeys, a cage, a banana and a fire hose.

You build a nice big room-sized cage, and in one end of it you put five monkeys. In the other end you put the banana. Then you stand by with the fire hose. Sooner or later one of the monkeys is going to go after the banana, and when it does you turn on the fire hose and spray the other monkeys with it. Replace the banana if needed, then repeat the process. Monkeys are pretty smart, so they’ll figure this out pretty quickly: “If anybody goes for the banana, the rest of us get the hose.” Soon they’ll attack any member of their group who tries to go to the banana.
Once this happens, you take one monkey out of the cage and bring in a new one. The new monkey will come in, try to make friends, then probably go for the banana. And the other monkeys, knowing what this means, will attack him to stop you from using the hose on them. Eventually the new monkey will get the message, and will even start joining in on the attack if somebody else goes for the banana. Once this happens, take another of the original monkeys out of the cage and bring in another new monkey.
After repeating this a few times, there will come a moment when none of the monkeys in the cage have ever been sprayed by the fire hose; in fact, they’ll never even have seen the hose. But they’ll attack any monkey who goes to get the banana. If the monkeys could speak English, and if you could ask them why they attack anyone who goes for the banana, their answer would almost certainly be: “Well, I don’t really know, but that’s how we’ve always done things around here.”
This is a startlingly good analogy for the way lots of corporations do things: once a particular process is entrenched (and especially after a couple rounds of employee turnover), there’s nobody left who remembers why the company does things this way. There’s nobody who stops to think about whether this is still a good way to do things, or whether it was even a good idea way back at the beginning. The process continues through nothing more than inertia, and anyone who suggests a change is likely to end up viciously attacked by monkeys.

Original Source is here.

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